What is RallyCross?

In SCCA RallyCross you navigate a series of gates defined by cones. The courses can vary in distance, but in our region expect each run to be between 45 and 60 seconds. It all depends on course conditions, the type of car you’re driving, and how fast the course designer wanted you to go that day. Speaking of speed, typical speeds for a RallyCross do not exceed 50 mph and average closer to 30 mph. Again, this does depend on the course and car; your experience may vary. This video from one of our competitors in a Stock 2002 Protege5 gives you a good idea of the speeds and roughness (or lack thereof) involved at our site.  For a bit of a wider base of information about the program, turn to the SCCA’s page for novices or the SCCA Cars and Rules page.

How do I pass tech inspection?

Your car needs to be in good working order and you need a SNELL rated helmet; we do have loaners available. The battery needs to be secured, no major leaks, the throttle needs good return and the brakes need to be firm. The driver side floor mat needs to be removed from the car, as well as ALL lose items. Yes, this does include that subwoofer floating around in your trunk. Best to remove everything before you get there. Leaving it all at home not only helps you get ready to race, and get packed up at the end of the day quicker, it also helps keep everything clean! Also, a best practice if you are not running rally tires is to beef up your tire pressures to about 40psi. This will help greatly in deterring a de-bead.

What does it it cost?

We have a fairly simple cost structure. If you are an SCCA member, cost of entry for an event is $35. If you are not a member, you have to pay a small amount more to become a “weekend member”. Your entry fee per event is $45. That said, if you catch us on a weekend where we host both a RallyCross and Autocross, you only have to pay that extra $10 once. Try out both and save yourself some scratch! Spectating at our site is free; feel free to take advantage of this if you want to come out and see what it’s all about. RallyCross are notorious for offering ride-alongs. This will really help you get a feel for what you’re getting into.

Where do I sign up?

Well, head on over to our results and schedule page. You’ll find links to register for all of our future events as well as results from past events. A schedule of what you can expect the day of the event is found on the registration page.

Registered and ready to roll! Where is the site located?

We are currently using the dirt lot attached to old Middle Georgia Raceway in Byron, GA. We’ve found the best address for a GPS is 2185 Georgia 49, Byron, GA 31008. Use our RallyCross Location page for a Google map lookup.

What kind of car do I need?

Virtually any kind of car can participate; even some trucks. We’ve had a variety of cars compete with us, stock econo boxes like the Mazda 2 or Cooper, sports cars like the STI or Miata, even trucks like a Silverado. That said, there are some rules here. If your car is a convertible, in order to compete, it must have a FACTORY hard top! This cannot be stressed enough. We’d hate for you to show up with a roll bar and open/cloth top only to be turned away. Other restrictions? Your car/truck cannot be considered a rollover risk. You have an F-150 with a 6″ lift? Chances are it cannot compete. You have a Honda Odyssey? Sure, why not? Minivans can have fun too right? Ultimately, it is at the discretion of the Chief of Tech and Event Chair whether or not to exclude a vehicle from competition. Should you want to chat with us before you make the trek out, please contact us!

Will I damage my car?

Generally speaking, no. Your car WILL get dirty, but the most you are at risk of hitting is some cones. We use cones ordered through the SCCA which are the softest compound we can find. It means we have to replace them more often, but it means less risk of damage to one of our competitors cars. Also, especially at our location, the surface is pretty smooth (albeit extremely dusty if dry). We take steps to ensure we minimize the risk of you bottoming out or encountering any harsh bumps.